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What to Wear to an Outdoor Wedding in Hawaii

For an outdoor wedding in Hawaii, you should choose light and airy clothing that is comfortable and stylish. A maxi dress or skirt with a blouse would be appropriate for women, while men should opt for trousers and a short-sleeved shirt. For cooler evenings, bring a lightweight jacket or shawl to cover your shoulders.

Consider wearing sandals instead of shoes as they will keep you cool on the warm beach sand. You can also add some fun accessories such as hats, sunglasses, jewellery and swimwear if you plan to take advantage of the ocean afterwards! Be sure to wear sunscreen no matter what time of day it is so that you don’t get sunburnt during your stay in Hawaii!

When attending an outdoor wedding in Hawaii, it’s important to consider the warm climate and opt for comfortable clothing that is still stylish. Lightweight fabrics such as cotton, linen or chiffon are great options. Floral sundresses and maxi skirts are both excellent choices for women; men can don a lightweight summer suit with an open-collar shirt or polo shirt underneath.

Keep accessories simple but add a touch of color with sandals, colorful hats or statement jewelry. Of course, don’t forget your sunscreen!

What to Wear to an Outdoor Wedding in Hawaii


What Do You Wear to an Outdoor Wedding in Hawaii?

When attending an outdoor wedding in Hawaii, it’s important to wear something that is both comfortable and appropriate for the setting. For men, a nice linen or khaki shirt with shorts or pants is ideal. A lightweight blazer can also be worn if desired.

Ladies should opt for light-colored sundresses in breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen. To complete the look you may want to add a statement necklace, bold earrings and some colorful sandals or flats. When dressing for an outdoor wedding in Hawaii, remember to keep your outfit simple but stylish so you don’t detract from the beauty of your surroundings!

What Do People Wear to Weddings in Hawaii?

People in Hawaii typically wear light, breezy and colorful attire such as aloha shirts or muumuus for casual weddings. For more formal gatherings, a traditional Hawaiian dress is often worn by women with bright prints in hues of blues, greens, pinks and oranges with accessories like leis to tie the look together. Men may wear fitted button-down shirts paired with slacks or shorts depending on the occasion.

Beachy footwear such as sandals are also popular choices both among men and women attending a wedding in Hawaii!

What Should a Female Guest Wear to an Outdoor Wedding?

When deciding what to wear to an outdoor wedding, comfort and style should be taken into consideration. A good option for a female guest would be an airy sundress with sandals or wedges. Choose something that is comfortable, but still stylish – if the dress has intricate detailing or lace, opt for flats instead of heels so you can dance without any discomfort.

If the weather is cooler, try wearing a lightweight cardigan over your dress for added warmth. Accessorize minimally with jewelry and a small clutch bag in case you need it; this will help create an elegant look without being too flashy.

What are People Wearing to Outdoor Weddings?

Outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular due to their flexibility and natural beauty. When it comes to what guests should wear, the most important thing is that they feel comfortable and look appropriate for the event. A good rule of thumb is to dress one level up from what you would wear on an average day out – so if you usually opt for jeans and a t-shirt, try wearing slacks or a sundress instead.

For men, light colors like beige or khaki work well in warm temperatures while darker shades will help keep them cool when the sun goes down. Women can choose midi dresses, maxi skirts or jumpsuits in lightweight fabrics like chiffon or linen as these tend to be airy and breathable. As for footwear, sandals are generally more suitable than stilettos since outdoor surfaces can sometimes be uneven or have gravel scattered about – just make sure your shoes have enough grip!

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What to Wear to a Hawaiian Wedding As a Guest

If you’re attending a Hawaiian wedding as a guest, the key is to look festive yet still remain respectful of local customs and traditions. Comfort should be your top priority when selecting an outfit for the occasion. Generally speaking, bright colors are encouraged – think floral prints in hues of blues, pinks and oranges.

Lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton are best for keeping cool in warmer climates and make excellent choices for both men’s and women’s attire. For women, sundresses or flowy skirts paired with sandals or wedges will complete the perfect hawaiian wedding ensemble!

Hawaiian Wedding Dresses for Mother of Bride

Hawaiian-style wedding dresses for mothers of the bride are a great way to show your appreciation and respect for tradition while still being fashionable. These beautiful outfits often come in bright colors, such as purple, green or yellow, and are adorned with intricate beadwork and floral patterns. Whether you’re looking for something classic or more modern, there is sure to be a Hawaiian dress that will make you look amazing on your special day!


An outdoor wedding in Hawaii is sure to be a beautiful and memorable event that you will want to look your best for. With the right clothing choices, you can ensure that you are able to enjoy the festivities with style and comfort. From breezy linen shirts and maxi dresses to formal wear like pantsuits or cocktail dresses, there are many options available so you can find something perfect for the occasion.

Accessorize with bright colors, flower crowns or leis, sandals or dressy shoes – whatever makes your personal style shine through! No matter what choice of clothing you make, when attending an outdoor wedding in Hawaii remember it’s all about having fun and making memories!