Companion Flowers for Melons

Companion flowers for melons are those that have been proven to help in the growth and productivity of melon plants. These include marigolds, nasturtiums, calendula, borage and dill. Marigolds deter aphids and other pests from infesting the plant while nasturtiums attract pollinating insects like bees which are essential for the formation of melon fruits. Calendula … Read more

Companion Flowers for Cosmos

Companion flowers for Cosmos are plants that look good planted close to Cosmos and provide additional color, texture, and form in a garden. Some of the best companion flowers for Cosmos include Ageratum, Marigolds, Zinnias, Petunias, Verbena, Coreopsis, Salvia Splendens (Scarlet Sage), Gaillardia (Blanket Flower) and Sunflowers. These companion plants complement the tall stems of … Read more

Companion Planting Vegetable Garden Layout

Companion planting vegetable garden layouts involve grouping vegetables that benefit from being planted near one another. This type of layout encourages a more balanced and productive garden by utilizing the natural relationships between plants. Common benefits of companion planting include pest control, improved soil fertility, increased pollination, improved disease resistance in plants and better harvests. … Read more

Companion Planting Vegetable Garden Designs

Companion planting vegetable garden designs involve grouping vegetables together that benefit from each other when planted in close proximity. This type of gardening is based on the idea that certain plants have beneficial effects on their neighbors, such as repelling pests, increasing soil fertility and providing shade or support for taller varieties. Popular companion plantings … Read more

Companion Planting for Kitchen Garden

Companion planting is a form of sustainable gardening that involves strategically placing vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs in close proximity within an outdoor garden or kitchen garden. Companion planting can be used to improve crop yield by attracting beneficial insects such as pollinators and predatory insects which feed on pests, repelling pests with strong scents … Read more

Garden Plot Companion Planting Vegetable Garden Layout

Companion planting is an age-old practice of pairing vegetables in the garden plot to benefit each other. Planting vegetables together that have similar growing requirements and companionable traits can improve growth, yields and flavor. When designing a vegetable garden layout, take into consideration which plants thrive when planted together as companions. For example, beans naturally … Read more