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What is the Answer to the Zombie Bridge Riddle

The answer to the Zombie Bridge Riddle is “Two people can cross the bridge in 17 minutes”. This is because one person can cross it in 1 minute and the other person must wait for 15 minutes before crossing. The two people must work together in order to reach their destination quickly, by taking turns crossing the bridge every 1 minute so that they both will be able to travel across it within 17 minutes.

If either of them crosses alone, they would take 30 minutes or more due to the zombie’s rule of waiting for 15 minutes after each turn has been taken.

The answer to the zombie bridge riddle is actually quite simple. The solution is to send one person across the bridge first, followed by two people crossing together at the same time. This way, no matter how long it takes for them to cross, they’ll always be able to make it back before the zombies arrive!

What is the Answer to the Zombie Bridge Riddle


What is the Answer for the Bridge Riddle?

The answer to the bridge riddle is that four people can cross the bridge in one minute if they walk at different speeds. Person A is able to walk across the bridge in one minute, person B can take two minutes, person C takes five minutes, and person D takes ten minutes. By having each individual walk at their own pace, all four people can make it across the bridge in just a single minute!

Can You Solve the Bridge Crossing Riddle?

Yes, the bridge crossing riddle can be solved. The puzzle involves four travelers – a fox, a chicken, and two sacks of grain – who must cross a river in a boat that can only carry one item at time without any of them being eaten. The goal is to get all four travelers across the river safely in as few trips as possible.

To solve this riddle, you need to understand how the items interact: if the chicken isn’t accompanied by either the grain or the fox, it will get eaten; likewise, if either sack of grain isn’t accompanied by either the chicken or fox it will also get eaten. Thus, you must take turns ferrying each traveler (or pair) across so that no one gets left behind with an unprotected item. In this case, start by taking both sacks of grain together; then return for just the Chicken (leaving Fox on other side); next bring back Fox and leave Chicken; finally bring over Chicken again and everyone is safe!

What is the Answer to the Four Friends Crossing Bridge Puzzle?

The answer to the four friends crossing bridge puzzle is that it takes them 17 minutes to cross the bridge. The first two people, A and B, must cross together at a rate of 1 minute each, taking 2 minutes in total. Then C and D go across together at a rate of 2 minutes each, taking 4 minutes in total.

Finally A returns with D (at a rate of 1 minute) for a total time of 17 minutes. This problem can also be solved using an equation: T = (2 + 4) + 1 = 7minutes.

How Do You Solve the Bridge Game?

The goal of the bridge game is to obtain as many tricks as possible. To achieve this, players must bid on how many tricks they can take during each round. After the bidding process has been completed, play begins with each player in turn playing a card from their hand following suit if possible.

The highest card played takes the trick and the winner of that trick adds all four cards to their score pile. This continues until all 13 tricks have been taken and then points are tallied up based on who took the most tricks, bonus points for certain contracts (depending on what was bid), etc. Ultimately, winning at bridge requires careful planning and skillful execution both during bidding and when playing out rounds; if you follow these steps you should be able to successfully solve the bridge game!

Can you solve the bridge riddle? – Alex Gendler

Bridge Riddle Answer

The answer to the bridge riddle is “1 chicken, 1 fox and 1 sack of grain”. By crossing the bridge only two items can be taken at a time and since the fox will eat the chicken if left alone with it, either the chicken or the grain must be taken across first. The second item should then be chosen in order to get all three safely across – either the chicken plus the grain or just one of them.

17 Minute Bridge Riddle Answer

The 17 Minute Bridge Riddle is a brainteaser that involves calculating the time it would take to cross a bridge. The answer to this riddle is 17 minutes, as long as you walk at a constant speed across the bridge. This riddle requires you to use basic math skills in order to solve it and encourages problem solving in an interesting way.

Zombie Riddle Answer

The answer to the zombie riddle is “brains”. Zombies are famous for their craving of human brains, and this is what they need in order to survive. In many popular films and books featuring zombies, the creatures will only be killed if their brain is destroyed.

This makes it incredibly important for humans to find a way to protect themselves from being consumed by these undead monsters.

Bridge Riddles

Bridge riddles are puzzles that involve a bridge and typically require the solver to cross it with various objects, such as animals or items. In order to solve these brainteasers, players must use logic and problem-solving skills to determine which combination of items can be safely transported across the bridge without breaking any rules. Bridge riddles challenge players’ mental abilities by forcing them to think creatively about how different combinations of items can interact in order to reach a successful solution.

Bridge Riddle Answer Ted-Ed

The Ted-Ed bridge riddle is a classic logic puzzle that has been around for centuries. The challenge requires you to determine the fastest way to move a group of people across a bridge with various restrictions in place. You must use simple logic and problem-solving skills to figure out the most efficient route for getting everyone across safely and quickly.

The answer may surprise you, but it’s an enjoyable brainteaser nonetheless!

Bridge Crossing Puzzle 30 Minutes

The Bridge Crossing Puzzle is a classic problem that has been around for centuries. It involves crossing a bridge with three people in 30 minutes or less. The challenge lies in the fact that only two people can cross at once, and each person must cross the bridge at their own different pace – one takes 1 minute, another 2 minutes and the last one 5 minutes.

By carefully timing each crossing, it’s possible to get all three across in under 30 minutes!

Bridge Crossing Riddle

The Bridge Crossing Riddle is a classic logic problem that has been around since the 1950s. It involves four travelers – a wolf, a goat, a cabbage, and one person – who need to cross a bridge in order to reach their destination. The catch is that they can only take one item at a time across the bridge, and they must all make it without any of them eating each other!

This riddle tests your logical thinking abilities as you try to figure out how these four travelers can get safely across the bridge together.

Ted-Ed Riddles

Ted-Ed Riddles is an educational website created by the TED Conferences organization. It offers a collection of interactive puzzles, brain teasers, and riddles that are designed to develop problem solving skills in children aged 8-12. The website features hundreds of riddles written by teachers from around the world, which can be used as part of classroom activities or for individual entertainment.

Ted-Ed Riddles also offers resources such as videos and articles that help explain difficult concepts related to each puzzle so kids can better understand them.


In conclusion, the answer to the Zombie Bridge Riddle is “one zombie,” since it only takes one zombie to cross the bridge in 17 minutes. Although this riddle may appear difficult at first glance, its solution can be quickly deduced by considering how long it would take multiple zombies to cross. This riddle is a great example of how logical thinking and problem-solving can help solve even seemingly impossible challenges.