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Walmart Lawn And Garden Associate Job: Responsibilities and Requirements.

The walmart lawn and garden associate job involves assisting customers with plant and garden product purchases, maintaining the sales floor, and providing excellent customer service. If you have a passion for plants and a green thumb, then the walmart lawn and garden associate job might be the perfect fit for you.

As a lawn and garden associate, you will play a crucial role in helping customers find the right plants, garden tools, and products to make their outdoor space beautiful and functional. Additionally, you will be responsible for keeping the sales floor tidy and organized, ensuring that products are stocked and priced correctly, and answering any customer questions or concerns.

To be successful in this role, you should be friendly and helpful, able to work in a fast-paced environment, and comfortable lifting heavy items if necessary. If you are ready to put your love of gardening to work, consider applying for the walmart lawn and garden associate job today.

Walmart Lawn And Garden Associate Job: Responsibilities and Requirements.


Responsibilities Of A Walmart Lawn And Garden Associate

Overview Of The Role And Its Responsibilities

The walmart lawn and garden associate is a crucial member of the walmart team responsible for maintaining the store’s outdoor areas. The main role of the associate is to ensure that the lawns, gardens, and outdoor areas are well-maintained to provide customers with an enjoyable shopping experience.

Here are the responsibilities that come with the role:

Maintaining Lawns, Gardens, And Outdoor Areas

The maintenance of lawns, gardens, and outdoor areas is a critical responsibility of the walmart lawn and garden associate. This involves trimming grass, pruning trees and shrubs, and removing any debris from the area. Each day, the associate should inspect the outdoor area and ensure that it is safe for customers to use.

As a walmart lawn and garden associate, maintaining the inventory and presentation of lawn and garden products available for sale is also part of your duties. You must make sure everything is in the right place, stocked up, and attractively presented to potential buyers.

Watering Plants And Ensuring Their Growth

Caring for plants is another key responsibility of the walmart lawn and garden associate. This includes regularly watering the plants to ensure that they are healthy and vibrant. Additionally, the associate should periodically inspect them to check for any disease, pests or other issues that could harm the plants.

The associate should use different watering techniques depending upon the season and weather conditions.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

Lastly, the walmart lawn and garden associate must provide outstanding customer service. This includes greeting customers, answering any questions they may have, and helping them in selecting the right products they need to maintain their gardens and lawns. The associate should be well-informed about all walmart lawn and garden products and services to quickly respond to customer queries.

Also, the associate should be courteous and patient at the same time since they will interact with people from different backgrounds. They should try to understand their needs, perspectives, and work towards satisfying them.

As you can see, the walmart lawn and garden associate plays a vital role in ensuring that the store’s outdoor areas are attractive, clean, and safe for all customers. If you are passionate about gardening and enjoy interacting with customers, then the walmart lawn and garden associate position could be the perfect role for you.

Special Requirements For The Job

It’s essential to understand the special requirements needed to become a successful walmart lawn and garden associate, including training, physical requirements, and specific skills/experience. Here’s what you need to know:

Physical Requirements, Such As Lifting Heavy Bags Of Soil And Planters

As a walmart lawn and garden associate, you’ll need to possess physical strength and agility. Here are the key requirements:

  • The ability to lift and move heavy objects repeatedly, such as bags of soil, planters, and garden equipment.
  • You must have the physical stamina to stand, bend, and kneel for long periods.
  • You will need to be passionate about outdoor work and be comfortable working in different weather conditions.

Training And Certification For Handling Chemicals And Pesticides

One of the most critical aspects of a lawn and garden associate’s job is the handling of chemicals and pesticides, which is governed by a strict set of protocols and regulations. Here are the key qualifications required:

  • You must attend a specialized training program and become certified before handling any chemicals or pesticides.
  • Strong knowledge of chemical properties and potential environmental impact is expected.
  • Maintaining records of chemical use is also crucial, and the ability to follow the most current safety guidelines when applying these products is important.

Familiarity With Gardening And Lawn Care Tools And Equipment

Having familiarity with gardening and lawn care tools is a must-have skill. Here are the key things you need to know:

  • You should have expert-level knowledge of gardening tools’ proper usage, such as hoes, pruning shears, and rakes.
  • Knowledge of technology in the field of gardening is an asset- specifically in lawn fertilization and maintenance.
  • Basic knowledge of power tools such as lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and hedge trimmers are also essential.

Understanding Of Safety Procedures And Protocols

A safety-first mindset is essential for lawn and garden associates. Here are some of the standard safety protocols to keep in mind:

  • Advanced knowledge of safety protocols and procedures, including protective equipment such as hard hats, safety goggles, and gloves.
  • The ability to keep current with national, state, and regional environmental procedures is required.
  • You should expect to follow complex security measures such as inspection of plants and equipment, theft protocols, and securing of the garden center after hours.

By following these special requirements, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful walmart lawn and garden associate. Remember- with the right qualifications and experience; this role can be the start of a rewarding career in lawn and garden maintenance.

Essential Skills And Qualifications

Walmart Lawn And Garden Associate Job: Responsibilities And Requirements

If you’re interested in working at walmart as a lawn and garden associate, it’s essential to have a wide range of skills and qualities to be competitive and perform the job well. Here are some of the essential skills and qualifications that you should have if you want to be a successful lawn and garden associate.

Knowledge Of Plant And Horticultural Care, Such As Types Of Soil, Fertilizers, And Pest Control

The lawn and garden associate’s primary responsibility is to provide customers with expert advice on how to plant and care for their gardens. Therefore, you must have a considerable amount of knowledge on plant and horticultural care. Some of the essential areas of knowledge include the different types of soil, how they affect plant growth, and how to choose the right fertilizer to ensure healthy plant growth.

Additionally, you need to have knowledge of pest control and how to prevent and treat plant diseases.

  • Understanding the importance of soil quality
  • Knowledge of how to choose the right fertilizer
  • Ability to identify common pests and diseases
  • Skills to recommend treatments and pest control methods

Customer Service Skills And The Ability To Communicate With Customers Effectively

Excellent customer service is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction and to retain them. A lawn and garden associate must communicate with customers effectively in a way that’s helpful and easy to understand. You’ll need to approach, greet and attend to customers promptly, while also having the ability to provide the necessary support and advice to ensure they have a fulfilling experience.

  • A friendly disposition
  • The ability to listen actively
  • Empathy and problem-solving ability
  • Clear communication in a way that is understandable to the customer

Physical Stamina And Agility Required For Outdoor Work

The lawn and garden associate role will require you to work outdoors regularly, performing physically demanding tasks. You’ll need to have the stamina and agility needed to complete the tasks required for the job efficiently. You will be required to lift heavy bags of soil, move plants, and work for extended hours in all weather conditions.

  • Physical fitness for regular outdoor work
  • Ability to handle heavy lifting
  • Stamina for long periods of standing and moving around
  • Comfort working in various weather conditions

Attention To Detail And The Ability To Maintain A Clean And Organized Work Environment

As a lawn and garden associate, it’s essential to take pride in the appearance of the store and ensure that the work environment is clean and organized. Ensuring that the plants and product displays are well stocked, presentable and correctly priced is critical to the success of the department.

You will need the following qualities to maintain a clean and organized environment:

  • Awareness of detail in your work
  • Organizational skills
  • The ability to keep the work environment clean and tidy
  • Sense of urgency to maintain a high standard throughout the day

To sum up, being a lawn and garden associate requires various skills and qualifications, and they all work together to achieve the ultimate goal: ensuring that customers are satisfied with their experience and purchase. Following these guidelines and having these skills will help you become an expert in the lawn and garden division.

Advancement Opportunities And Benefits

Growth Possibilities Within The Company

If you are looking for a long-term career, then walmart lawn and garden associate job offers promising growth opportunities. Walmart is known for promoting its employees from within the company, and the same applies to lawn and garden associates. Once you gain experience and skills, you can climb up the ladder of success.

You can become a team leader, assistant manager, or even store manager. The sky’s the limit when it comes to growth possibilities at walmart.

As a lawn and garden associate, you can take advantage of the company’s initiative to develop its employees. You can receive on-the-job training to gain better knowledge of your job, and other skill-building courses can help you grow professionally.

Comprehensive Benefits Package Offered By Walmart

Walmart offers a comprehensive benefits package for its associates. As a lawn and garden associate, you are also entitled to these benefits. The benefits include medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k) savings plan with company match, associate stock purchase program, life insurance, and disability insurance.

These benefits are designed to take care of your healthcare, retirement, and financial needs.

Opportunities For Professional Development Through Ongoing Training And Certification Programs

Walmart lawn and garden associates have opportunities for professional development through ongoing training and certification programs. The company provides online and in-person training programs for its associates. The training sessions are designed to help you learn new skills, gain knowledge, and grow professionally.

The company also offers certification programs to its associates, which can help you gain recognition for your skills and knowledge. By participating in these training and certification programs, you can keep yourself updated with the industry trends and standards.

Walmart lawn and garden associate job offers not only a promising career but also comprehensive benefits packages and professional development opportunities. Seed the growth of your career by mastering new skills and advancing as you learn.

Frequently Asked Questions On Walmart Lawn And Garden Associate Job Description

What Does A Walmart Lawn And Garden Associate Do?

A walmart lawn and garden associate provides assistance to customers. They help with plant care, garden-related equipment sales, and general customer support.

What Are The Requirements To Become A Walmart Lawn And Garden Associate?

To become a walmart lawn and garden associate, you should have good communication, customer service and time-management skills. They must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Training on specific walmart equipment can be provided, but prior experience in gardening is beneficial.

What Are The Shifts Available For Walmart Lawn And Garden Associate?

Walmart offers flexible shifts ranging from part-time to full-time hours, including evenings and weekends as per the availability of the associate. A lawn and garden job offer is available on either a permanent or temporary basis with the possibility of renewal.

What Benefits Are Available For Walmart Lawn And Garden Associates?

Walmart lawn and garden associates earn an hourly wage and receive benefits, including medical, dental, and vision insurance, a 401(k) plan, paid time off, and associate discounts on purchases.

How Long Does The Recruitment Process Take?

The recruiting process can take two to six weeks to complete. This includes an online application, assessment, interview, and background check. Candidates can check the status of their application through the company’s hiring portal.


The position of a walmart lawn and garden associate is a challenging yet fulfilling one. It requires individuals who are willing to work in different weather conditions and have a passion for nurturing plants and lawns. The job description entails various responsibilities such as customer service, maintaining stocks, pricing products, and ensuring the garden center is tidy and appealing to customers.

Working at walmart as a lawn and garden associate can also prove to be a stepping stone for those who aspire to climb up the career ladder in the field of horticulture. Overall, this job provides a learning experience and valuable skills that can benefit individuals in the long run.

If you are enthusiastic about plants and have excellent communication skills, this job could be the perfect fit for you at walmart. Don’t hesitate to apply, because becoming a lawn and garden associate at walmart could be the start of an exciting journey.