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How to Propagate a Chinese Money Plant in Water

To propagate a chinese money plant in water, cut off a healthy leaf with a stem and place it in water for a few weeks until roots appear. Chinese money plants, also known as pilea peperomioides, are popular houseplants due to their attractive appearance and ease of care.

Propagation in water is a simple and effective method to propagate these plants. This technique involves taking a healthy leaf with a stem and placing it in water until roots appear. Once the roots are established, the plant can be transferred to soil.

This method ensures that the new plant will be genetically identical to the parent plant. In this article, we will discuss the steps involved in propagating a chinese money plant in water.

How to Propagate a Chinese Money Plant in Water


What Is A Chinese Money Plant?

Chinese Money Plant – The Plant Of Good Fortune

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a plant that brings good fortune to your home? Look no further than the chinese money plant. Also known as the pilea peperomioides, this plant is native to the yunnan province in china and has become a popular choice among plant enthusiasts.

Characteristics Of The Chinese Money Plant

The chinese money plant has several unique characteristics that distinguish it from other plant species:

  • Round leaves that grow to approximately 4 inches in diameter, with a smooth and glossy texture.
  • The leaves grow on a long and delicate stem, making the plant appear larger than it is.
  • Mature plants develop a distinctive trunk-like stem that produces baby plantlets or “pups” at the base of the main plant.
  • The plant’s unusual leaves and growth pattern make it an attractive addition to any home decor style.

How To Propagate A Chinese Money Plant

Propagating a chinese money plant is a simple process that can be done in water. Here’s how:

  • Select a mature plant with several healthy leaves growing from a single stalk.
  • Gently remove the soil from the plant’s roots and rinse them under running water to remove excess dirt.
  • Fill a clear glass jar or vase with water and place the bare roots into the water. Be sure only to submerge the roots, leaving the leaves above the water’s surface.
  • Place the jar in a bright, but indirect sunlight location.
  • Change the water every week and keep an eye on the roots’ growth. In approximately 4-6 weeks, the roots should have grown 1-2 inches.
  • Once the roots have grown, plant the new pup in soil and give it some time to adjust to its new environment.

Following these simple steps will result in a healthy new chinese money plant that will bring good fortune to your home for years to come!

The Benefits Of Water Propagation

If you are a plant lover, you might want to consider propagating your chinese money plant with water instead of soil. Here are some of the benefits of water propagation:

  • ### faster rooting process:

By placing your chinese money plant cutting in a clear glass jar filled with water, you will be able to observe the entire rooting process, which can take from 3 to 6 weeks primarily depending on the environmental humidity level and the lighting conditions, ensuring that you will know exactly when to transfer the plant to soil.

  • ### cost-saving:

With water, there is no need to buy fertilizers or to create a suitable soil mixture. After the rooting process is complete, you can transfer the plant directly to the soil, making water propagation a cost-saving method.

  • ### easy to maintain:

Keeping the water level in check, ensuring that the water remains fresh, and providing adequate lighting is all that is required when propagating a chinese money plant in water, allowing for easy maintenance and convenience.

  • ### healthier roots:

When chinese money plants are propagated through water, the roots become healthier, longer, and plumper compared to those propagated in soil. This is because water propagation provides a better environment for the roots to absorb nutrients and grow.

  • ### fun learning experience:

Water propagation is a great learning experience for both amateur and seasoned growers. By observing the root development, you will be able to understand how the roots function, grow, and absorb nutrients. It’s a fascinating process that nurtures your love for plants.

Water propagation is a simple and cost-effective way to propagate your chinese money plant. It not only promotes healthy development but also provides a fun and educational opportunity to learn more about the plant’s growth and development.

Gathering Supplies

Before learning how to propagate a chinese money plant, you need to gather some essential supplies. Here are the things you will need:

  • A healthy chinese money plant that is big enough to harvest.
  • A pair of clean sharp scissors or pruning shears.
  • A clean glass or vase filled with water.
  • A plastic or ziplock bag.
  • A good quality potting soil mix.
  • A small pot with a drainage hole.

Now that you have all the necessary supplies, let’s move on to the next step of propagating your chinese money plant in water.

Selecting The Right Stem Cutting

Growing the chinese money plant is a favorite pastime of many plant enthusiasts. Propagating this stunning plant is easy and exciting. You can obtain a new plant by using a stem cutting. However, it is crucial to choose the right stem cutting for successful propagation.

Characteristics Of The Right Stem Cutting

Here are the essential characteristics of the right stem cutting:

  • Length: The ideal length for stem cutting is around 4-5 inches long.
  • Age: Select a healthy stem that is at least three months old.
  • No flowers: Ensure that the stem cutting has no flowers, because the energy will go into the flowering process rather than root development.
  • Leaves: Ensure that the stem cutting has a few nodes and leaves. Healthy leaves produce energy via photosynthesis, which is crucial for root development.

How To Identify The Right Stem Cutting

Identifying the right stem cutting is vital for successful propagation. Follow these steps:

  • Examine the plant: Choose a healthy plant to obtain the best stem cutting for propagation.
  • Identify the right stem: Locate a stem that has a few nodes and leaves, is healthy, and is at least 4-5 inches long.
  • Use sharp, sterile tools: Use a sharp, clean pair of pruning shears or scissors to avoid damaging the stem. Sterilize the tools with rubbing alcohol to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Cut the stem: Cut the stem 45 degrees below the node, using a sharp tool. The cutting should be about 4-5 inches long.
  • Strip the leaves: Strip the bottom 1-2 leaves from the stem to ensure that energy is directed towards root development rather than leaves.

By considering these characteristics and following the proper steps for identifying the right stem cutting, you can increase the chances of successfully propagating your chinese money plant in water.

Trimming The Leaves

How to propagate a chinese money plant in water – trimming the leaves

If you’re looking to propagate your chinese money plant in water, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. One important step in this process is trimming the leaves. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Trim The Leaves?

Trimming the leaves of your chinese money plant can help stimulate new growth and encourage the plant to put out new shoots. Additionally, removing any discolored or damaged leaves can help keep your plant healthy.

How To Trim The Leaves

  • Start by inspecting your plant for any leaves that are discolored, damaged or diseased. These leaves can be removed to keep the plant healthy.
  • Using a clean pair of scissors or pruning shears, cut any leaves you want to remove as close to the stem as possible. Be careful not to damage the stem.
  • If you’re looking to encourage new growth or propagate your plant, you can also trim off the top of the plant. Cut the stem just above a leaf node, which is where a new set of leaves will grow.
  • To prevent disease, make sure your pruning tools are clean and disinfected before and after use.

By following these simple steps and trimming the leaves of your chinese money plant when needed, you can help keep your plant healthy and promote new growth.

Sterilizing The Tools

Maintaining cleanliness and appropriately sterilizing the tools is an essential aspect of propagating a chinese money plant. It is to ensure that the plant cutting remains healthy and free from any infections that could affect its growth. Here are some tips on how to do it:

  • Use rubbing alcohol: Get a clean cloth and saturate it with rubbing alcohol. This will help disinfect the tools and avoid the transfer of pathogens from tools to the cuttings.
  • Wash your tools with water and soap: Before using any tool, remove any signs of dirt or debris by washing them with soap and water. Dry them properly before starting the cutting process.
  • Use a sharp and clean tool: A clean and sharp tool will make a clean cut on the plant stem, which is crucial for the success of the cutting.
  • Use a new blade or sterilize an old one: A new blade is the best option. If you plan to use an old one, you can sterilize it with alcohol or by dipping it in boiling water for at least 10 seconds.

By following these techniques, you will create a favorable environment for your chinese money plant cutting to grow.

Root Hormone Application

When it comes to propagating your chinese money plant, using root hormone is a game-changer. Although it’s not necessary, using a rooting hormone can help speed up the process of root growth, as the hormone encourages new roots to form quickly.

Here are the key points to keep in mind when using root hormone:

  • Choose the right rooting hormone: There are different types of rooting hormones available in the market. Choose the one that is suitable for your plant and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Cut the stem of the plant: Take a sharp and clean cutting tool to cut a section of the stem that has a node (the point where the leaves attached to the stem) on it.
  • Apply rooting hormone: Dip the cut end of the stem into the rooting hormone powder or solution and shake off any excess.
  • Plant the stem in water and wait: Place the stem in a jar or glass of water, and wait for the roots to grow. You can also use soil if you prefer.
  • Change the water every few days: To prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, change the water every few days to ensure that it remains fresh and clean.

Root hormone application is a simple, easy and effective way to propagate your chinese money plant in water. By taking the time to apply rooting hormone, you can be sure that your plant will grow strong and healthy.

Starting The Stem Cutting In Water

Propagating a chinese money plant in water is a popular method and an exciting way to strengthen your green thumb. Below are some essential steps to start with stem cutting in water:

Choosing The Right Container

Select a container that is appropriate for the length of the stem that you’ll be rooting. It should be big enough to fit the stem without submerging the leaves.

Providing Optimal Light And Temperature

Place the container in a bright and well-lit area, but avoid direct sunlight, which may scorch the leaves. The temperature should be between 60°f to 75°f.

Preparing The Stem Cutting

Follow these simple steps to prepare the stem cutting:

  • Cut a 4-6 inch stem directly below a leaf node, at a 45-degree angle with a clean and sharp pruning shear.
  • Remove the lower leaves from the stem to prevent them from rotting under submerged water.
  • Dip the stem’s cut end in rooting hormone powder to stimulate root growth.

Putting The Stem Cutting In Water

The final step is to place the stem cutting in water. Fill the container with enough water to submerge the bottom inch of the stem. Change the water every week and make sure that it is at room temperature. Be patient, and in a few weeks, you should see the roots growing.

Once the roots are about an inch long, you can transplant the stem into soil.

With the above steps, you can successfully start a chinese money plant root in water. So, put on some gloves, grab your pruner, and start propagating today.

Monitoring Growth And Development

Propagating chinese money plants in water is a popular way to cultivate new plants without worrying about soil or fertilizers. If you’re new to this method, here’s what you need to know about monitoring the growth and development of your plants, focusing on two critical aspects: checking for root growth and caring for growing plants.

How To Check For Root Growth

The most exciting part of propagating chinese money plants is watching the roots grow. To see whether your plant is developing roots, follow these instructions:

  • Remove the plant from the water and gently wash the roots. You can also use a flashlight to check for roots from the outside of the container.
  • Look for tiny protrusions on the stem that indicate root growth.
  • If you see roots that are over an inch long, it’s time to transplant your plant to soil.

Caring For Growing Plants

Once your plant has roots, it’s crucial to care for it correctly so that it continues to thrive:

  • Change the water every week to prevent algae growth and keep the plant healthy.
  • Ensure that the plant gets enough light, but avoid placing it in direct sunlight.
  • Avoid temperature extremes to prevent damage to the leaves and roots.
  • Fertilize the plant every few months using a balanced liquid fertilizer.
  • Prune the plant regularly to encourage bushy growth and to keep it from getting too tall.

Using these tips, you can nurture your chinese money plant in water and enjoy how it enriches your indoor greenery. Make sure to monitor its development and take steps to keep it healthy and happy. Good luck!

The Best Time To Transplant

By following the right methods, chinese money plants can successfully be propagated in water. Transplanting the plant at the correct time plays a vital role in the process. In this section, we will discuss the best time to transplant your chinese money plant and signs of healthy root growth.

Signs Of Healthy Root Growth

Before transplanting your chinese money plant, ensure that the roots are healthy and strong. Look out for the following signs:

  • The roots are white and firm to the touch.
  • The roots have started growing out of the drainage holes of the pot.
  • The roots have multiplied and spread throughout the soil.

If you detect any root rot or damage, avoid transplanting the plant as it can cause further harm to the roots.

Transplanting chinese money plants in water should be done during the growing season. The ideal time to transplant your chinese money plant is in the spring or summer months, before the growth rate begins to slow down.

Here are some steps to follow when transplanting your chinese money plant:

  • Choose a pot that is slightly larger than the current pot your chinese money plant is in.
  • Ensure that the pot has proper drainage holes to avoid waterlogging.
  • Fill the pot with a good quality potting mix and create a small hole in the center for your plant.
  • Gently remove your plant from the current pot and loosen the soil surrounding the roots.
  • Place your chinese money plant in the new pot and fill it with potting mix until the soil reaches the same level on the stem as it was in the previous pot.
  • Water your plant thoroughly and place it in a well-lit area, but avoid direct sunlight for a few weeks.

By following these steps and transplanting your chinese money plant at the right time, you can ensure a healthy growth rate and prolong the lifespan of your plant.

Preparing The Plant For Transplantation

When propagating a chinese money plant in water, it is crucial to prepare the plant adequately for transplantation. Here are some key tips to ensure successful propagation:

Tips For Successful Transplantation

  • Wait for the chinese money plant to grow healthy roots before transplanting. Roots should be at least two inches long.
  • Gently remove the plant from the water and wash off any remaining soil to expose the roots.
  • Trim away any rotten or unhealthy roots using a clean pair of scissors.
  • Prepare a well-draining potting soil mix for transplanting. A mix of peat moss, perlite, and sand is ideal.
  • Ensure that the pot has excellent drainage holes to prevent waterlogging.
  • Create a hole in the soil and place the chinese money plant carefully into the hole.
  • Cover the roots with soil and gently press it down to ensure optimum contact between the roots and the soil.
  • Water the plant lightly but avoid saturating the soil.
  • Place the newly potted chinese money plant in a warm, bright spot but avoid direct sunlight.
  • Keep the soil moist but not too wet for the first few days.

With these tips, you can propagate a healthy chinese money plant that will thrive in its new soil and continue to beautify your living space.

The Benefits Of Propagating Chinese Money Plants In Water

Propagating a chinese money plant in water may sound daunting, but it’s actually a straightforward process that anyone can follow. Not only is it an excellent way to propagate your plant, but it’s also a more sustainable and cost-effective method than other propagation techniques.

We’ll explore the benefits of propagating chinese money plants in water, as well as a simple and accessible method for beginners.

Cost-Effective And Sustainable

Propagating chinese money plants in water is a cost-effective and sustainable way to expand your plant collection. Here are a few reasons why:

  • You don’t need to purchase any new soil, reducing your expenses and environmental impact.
  • Water propagation is a more sustainable option than traditional propagation methods, which often involve the use of plastic containers and synthetic rooting hormones.
  • By propagating your plants rather than buying new ones, you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Simple And Accessible Method For Beginners

Water propagation is a simple and accessible method for beginners. Here’s how to do it:

  • Cut off a healthy stem from your chinese money plant just below a leaf node.
  • Remove several of the lower leaves to expose the stem and create a clean cutting.
  • Place the cutting in a jar or vase of water, with the cut end submerged.
  • Change the water every few days, making sure to keep the cut end submerged.
  • After a few weeks, roots should begin to form from the cut end of the stem. Once the roots are several inches long, you can transplant the cutting into a pot with soil.

Water propagation is a fun and easy way to expand your plant collection. Not only is it more sustainable than traditional propagation methods, but it’s also a cost-effective option. As a beginner, this method is perfect for you to try and soon you will have thriving chinese money plants with their distinctive round foliage in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Propagate A Chinese Money Plant In Water

How Do You Propagate A Chinese Money Plant In Water?

Chinese money plants can be propagated in water by taking stem cuttings and placing them in a vessel of water. Make sure to change the water frequently and to keep the plant out of direct sunlight until roots form.

Can You Propagate A Chinese Money Plant In Soil?

Yes, chinese money plants can also be propagated in soil. To do so, take stem cuttings and place them in moist potting soil. Keep the soil moist and the plant out of direct sunlight until roots form.

How Often Should You Change The Water When Propagating A Chinese Money Plant?

It is recommended to change the water every 2-3 days when propagating a chinese money plant in water. This helps prevent the growth of bacteria and keeps the water fresh for healthy root growth.

How Long Does It Take For Chinese Money Plant Cuttings To Root In Water?

It can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks for chinese money plant cuttings to root in water. Keep the vessel in a bright, indirect location and change the water every few days to encourage healthy root growth.

Can You Use Tap Water To Propagate A Chinese Money Plant In Water?

It is best to use filtered or distilled water when propagating a chinese money plant in water. Tap water may contain chemicals or minerals that can harm the plant, negatively impacting root growth.


Now you know the step-by-step process of propagating a chinese money plant in water. The unique shape and color of this plant make it an attractive addition to any home or office, and propagating it allows you to share its beauty with others.

Keep in mind that this process requires patience, and you may need to wait a few weeks or even months to see the results. Make sure to keep your plant in a bright, indirect light and change the water regularly to ensure its growth and health.

With the right care and attention, your newly propagated chinese money plant will continue to thrive and brighten up your space for years to come. Enjoy the process and the beauty of your new plant!