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Hilton Embassy Suites Pet Policy

The Hilton Embassy Suites Pet Policy allows guests to bring their pets along with them when they stay at the hotel. Pets must be up-to-date on vaccinations and properly restrained or crated while in the hotel rooms, public areas, and within close proximity of other guests. There is a maximum weight limit for pet of 25 pounds (11kg).

Guests are required to sign a waiver upon check-in stating that they will accept full responsibility for any damage caused by their pet during their stay. Additionally, there is a nonrefundable fee of $50 per day per pet plus applicable taxes which must be paid prior to check in. All pets brought into an Embassy Suites Hotel property must not create noise disturbances; otherwise, guest may be asked to leave without refund.

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly hotel, then look no further than the Hilton Embassy Suites. They provide a warm and welcoming environment for both furry friends and their owners! All pet types are welcome at this hotel, although they do charge an additional fee of $50 per stay.

However, all guests can rest assured that their pets will be safe and comfortable while staying here as the property features plenty of outdoor space for walking and exploring. Furthermore, there is also access to local veterinarians should your pet need medical care during its stay.

Hilton Embassy Suites Pet Policy


Can My Dog Stay With Me at the Hilton?

It depends on the policies of the particular Hilton location. Some locations may allow pets, while others may not. You should contact the hotel directly to inquire about their pet policy before booking a reservation.

Can You Leave Your Dog Alone in a Hotel Room?

No, it is not recommended to leave your dog alone in a hotel room. Dogs are social animals and may become anxious or stressed when left alone for extended periods of time. Additionally, some hotels have policies that do not allow pets to be left unattended in the room.

Is Embassy Suites Austin Pet Friendly?

Yes, Embassy Suites Austin is pet friendly. They allow dogs and cats up to 80 pounds for a non-refundable fee of $50 per stay.

How Many Dogs Can You Take to a Hotel?

The number of dogs you can take to a hotel will depend on the individual hotel’s policies. Some hotels may allow up to two dogs, while others may not allow any pets at all. It is best to check with the specific hotel ahead of time before bringing your pet.

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Hilton Pet Fee Waived

Hilton recently announced that they are waiving the pet fee for members of their rewards program. This means that all Hilton Honors members can now bring up to two pets, weighing no more than 75 lbs., into any hotel without incurring an additional charge.

This is great news for frequent travelers with furry friends, as it will make traveling a much less expensive and more enjoyable experience!

Embassy Suites Pet Policy Indianapolis

Embassy Suites in Indianapolis offers a pet-friendly policy, allowing guests to bring their four-legged friends along on their stay. For an additional fee of $50 per night per pet, guests can enjoy the hotel’s spacious two-room suites with access to amenities for both humans and pets alike. The hotel provides dog beds, bowls, treats and waste bags to make sure your furry friend is comfortable during its visit.

Hilton Emotional Support Animal Policy

At Hilton, we understand that emotional support animals can be an important part of their owners’ lives. As such, we have a pet-friendly policy that allows guests to bring their certified emotional support animal with them when they stay at one of our hotels. All service animals must be housebroken and under full control at all times while in the hotel.

We ask that our guests provide valid documentation from a doctor or mental health professional stating the need for an emotional support animal prior to check-in and register any ESA upon arrival.

Embassy Suites Pet-Friendly Locations

Embassy Suites offers many pet-friendly locations in the United States, Mexico and Canada. All of their properties feature spacious suites with separate living and sleeping areas, perfect for you and your furry friend. They also offer a range of amenities including complimentary breakfast, evening receptions with snacks, pools, fitness centers and even a pet walking area.

Plus, they offer special packages that include treats for your four-legged family member. So don’t worry about leaving your pet behind when you plan to stay at an Embassy Suites!

Tru by Hilton Pet Policy

Tru by Hilton welcomes guests traveling with pets, but there are a few conditions to keep in mind. The hotel charges an additional fee per pet of up to $75 USD per stay, and each room can only accommodate two pets at most. Pets must also be leashed or caged when not in the guest’s room.

Additionally, service animals are always welcome without any pet fees applied.

Hilton Dog Policy

The Hilton has a very relaxed policy when it comes to dogs. Guests are allowed up to two dogs per room with no extra charge, as long as they weigh under 50 pounds each and follow the hotel’s pet guidelines. All pets must be kept on leashes in public areas, and their owners are responsible for cleaning up after them.

Furthermore, the hotel may ask that guests sign a waiver indicating that they understand these rules before checking in.

Embassy Suites Pet Policy Cats

Embassy Suites is a great place for pet owners to stay! They offer a generous pet policy that allows cats along with other pets. Guests are allowed up to two domestic cats per room, and no extra fees or deposits are required.

Your furry friend will be welcomed as long as they remain on a leash while in the public areas of the hotel and all waste is removed promptly.

Hilton Pet-Friendly Hotels near Me

Hilton Hotels offer pet-friendly accommodations for travelers who want to bring their furry family member along for the journey. With over 5,000 properties worldwide, there is sure to be a conveniently located Hilton Hotel nearby that offers comfortable and safe lodging for you and your pet. From spacious rooms with extra amenities like bedding and toys, to outdoor areas where pets can play or relax on the patio – Hilton Hotels make traveling with your beloved pet an enjoyable experience.


In conclusion, the Hilton Embassy Suites Pet Policy is very accommodating for pet owners. They allow one small or medium-sized pet per room, and the fees are reasonable. The hotel also provides a variety of amenities to make your stay comfortable, including special treats for your pet.

With all that they have to offer pet owners, it’s no surprise that Hilton Embassy Suites is such a popular choice amongst travelers with pets.