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Garden of Life Company Reviews

Garden of Life is a popular health and wellness company that produces dietary supplements, protein powders, vitamins & minerals and more. The company has been well-received by consumers for its quality products and focus on natural ingredients. According to customer reviews, Garden of Life has earned an overall rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 from over 10,000 ratings across multiple sites such as Amazon, Walmart, and GNC.

Customers praise the effectiveness of the products as well as the convenience offered by their wide range of choices. Consumers also appreciate how transparent Garden of Life is in terms of disclosing information about their ingredients sources and manufacturing processes. Overall customers are satisfied with what they receive from this company in terms of value for money spent on their products.

The Garden of Life Company has earned a solid reputation in the health and wellness industry, thanks to their commitment to providing customers with high-quality products made from organic ingredients. Customers consistently praise their wide range of supplements and vitamins for being effective, pure and free from artificial additives. Many people also appreciate the company’s dedication to transparency about their production process, as well as their commitment to sustainability practices.

All in all, it’s no surprise that Garden of Life is one of the most trusted names in natural health care today!

Garden of Life Company Reviews


Is Garden of Life a Quality Brand?

Garden of Life is one of the most popular brands in the health and wellness industry. They are known for their high-quality, natural products that are designed to promote optimal health and nutrition. Their products include vitamins, minerals, probiotics, proteins, superfoods and more.

Many of their products feature organic ingredients that are grown without pesticides or herbicides. The company also follows strict quality assurance processes so you can be sure you’re getting a safe product with no hidden additives or fillers. In addition to offering excellent quality products at competitive prices, Garden of Life also prides itself on its commitment to sustainability.

This includes using renewable energy sources throughout the production process as well as working with responsible suppliers who follow ethical labor practices and sustainable farming methods whenever possible. All in all, Garden of Life is an excellent brand when it comes to providing quality health supplements that support your overall wellbeing while being mindful about protecting our planet’s resources at the same time.

Is Garden of Life a Us Company?

Yes, Garden of Life is a US-based company that manufactures a wide range of nutritional and dietary supplements for health and wellness. Founded in 2000 by nutritionist Jordan Rubin, the company is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida. The company believes that real food provides real nutrition and uses whole food ingredients to make their products.

Their products are free from artificial fillers, colors or preservatives so you can trust they’re getting the most natural product possible. They offer everything from protein powders to multivitamins as well as probiotics and digestive enzymes to help promote gut health. In addition, they also have an organic line with USDA certified organic foods such as greens powder and superfoods like chia seeds or goji berries.

Garden of Life is committed to providing quality healthy products at reasonable prices so everyone can be healthier without breaking the bank!

Is Garden of Life Really Organic?

Garden of Life is a popular health and wellness brand that offers a wide variety of organic products. Many people ask the question, “Is Garden of Life really organic?”. The answer is yes!

All of their products are certified by third party organizations like the Non-GMO Project and USDA Organic to ensure quality and authenticity. They also use only all natural ingredients in their products, which means no artificial colors or flavors as well as non-toxic preservatives. Their commitment to providing pure, high quality nutrition for consumers makes them an excellent choice for those looking for an organic option.

Furthermore, they have recently launched their “Organic Promise” program which guarantees that all raw materials used in production are sourced from farms using sustainable agricultural practices with strict standards set by the company itself. So while there may be other brands out there that claim to be “organic”, Garden of Life stands apart from the rest when it comes to truly delivering on its promise of providing safe and healthy foods free from synthetic chemicals or GMOs.

What Company Owns Garden of Life Vitamins?

Garden of Life is a leading health and wellness brand that produces vitamins, supplements, probiotics and protein powders. It has become one of the most trusted sources for nutrition products in the world. The company was founded by Jordan Rubin in 2000 with a mission to create natural health products that are free from artificial ingredients, preservatives and fillers.

Garden of Life is now owned by Nestlé Health Science which acquired it in 2017. Nestle Health Science provides nutritional solutions for people who have special dietary needs or require clinical nutrition support due to age, lifestyle or medical conditions. With its acquisition of Garden of Life, Nestlé can further expand its portfolio of high quality natural health brands and enhance its presence within the growing functional food market place.

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics Review

Garden of Life Vitamins Controversy

In 2020, Garden of Life vitamins faced considerable controversy over their Vitamin Code Raw B-Complex supplement. The FDA tested the product and found that it contained more than twice the amount of vitamin B1 as advertised on its label. This caused concern among consumers and health experts who questioned whether elevated levels of this nutrient could be dangerous for those taking the product.

In response, Garden of Life recalled all lots of this particular supplement to ensure consumer safety.

Garden of Life Probiotics

Garden of Life Probiotics are a great way to support your overall health and wellbeing. These probiotics contain live, active cultures that help promote optimal digestive health and balance the friendly bacteria in the gut. Garden of Life’s formulas also have prebiotics which work together with probiotics for enhanced effectiveness.

Along with their benefits for digestion, these supplements may also provide immune system support as well as improved nutrient absorption from food.

Garden of Life Lawsuit

In June of 2019, Garden of Life found itself at the center of a class action lawsuit claiming that their products were falsely advertised as being organic and all-natural when they actually contained synthetically produced ingredients. The plaintiffs argued that these misrepresentations constituted deceptive marketing practices in violation of California’s Unfair Competition Law and False Advertising Law. In response, Garden of Life agreed to settle the lawsuit by providing refunds to customers who had purchased the relevant products up to 90 days prior.

Garden of Life Vitamins Reviews

Garden of Life vitamins are highly rated among customers, with many praising their quality and efficacy. Reviews indicate that users appreciate the variety of products available, ranging from multivitamins to probiotics and other health supplements. Customers also report good value for money, as well as improved energy levels and overall wellbeing following daily use.

In addition, Garden of Life’s commitment to using organic and non-GMO ingredients is widely praised by reviewers.

Garden of Life Complaints

Garden of Life is a popular health and wellness supplement brand, but there have been some complaints about the quality of their products. Some customers have reported that they felt their supplements were ineffective or expired prematurely. Additionally, some users have experienced side effects after taking Garden of Life products.

However, the company has taken steps to address these issues and improve product quality for its customers.

Who Owns Garden of Life

Garden of Life is a natural health and wellness supplement brand owned by Nestlé Health Science, a subsidiary of the world’s largest food and beverage company, Nestlé. Founded in 2000 by Jordan Rubin, Garden of Life produces organic supplements that are free from synthetic ingredients and artificial preservatives. The company’s products are sold online as well as at major retailers across the United States.

Is Garden of Life Third-Party Tested

Garden of Life is committed to providing only the highest quality products and sources their ingredients from sustainable, organic farms. To ensure that customers receive only the best products possible, Garden of Life has their formulas third-party tested for potency and purity by an independent laboratory. This ensures that each product meets strict standards for quality assurance and safety before being released to the public.

Garden of Life Reviews Reddit

The Garden of Life reviews on Reddit are overwhelmingly positive. Many users report that the products have had a noticeable effect in improving their overall health, providing relief from inflammation and joint pain, increasing energy levels, and helping them to feel more alert and focused. The majority of reviewers also commend the quality of ingredients used in the products, as well as its affordability compared to similar brands.


Overall, Garden of Life is a great company to consider for anyone looking for natural and organic supplements. They are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients that meet their strict standards, so customers can feel confident in the products they purchase. With their wide range of products offered at competitive prices and excellent customer service, Garden of Life makes it easy to find just what you need to promote overall health and wellness.