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Garden Chic Wedding Dress Code

A garden chic wedding dress code encourages guests to wear styles that are more relaxed and comfortable than traditional formalwear. Guests should opt for light fabrics like cotton, linen, and voile in classic silhouettes such as sundresses, jumpsuits or trousers with a tailored shirt. Floral prints can be worn but should be kept tasteful and muted.

Accessories such as natural straw hats, espadrilles or sandals will help complete the look. Gentlemen may want to consider pairing shorts with a collared shirt for an outdoor affair. Lightweight sweaters can also add a touch of sophistication when needed.

If you’re looking for a unique way to make your wedding memorable, why not consider a garden chic dress code? This is the perfect option if you want to create an outdoor celebration that looks and feels like something straight out of a magazine. With beautiful floral prints and soft hues, guests can choose from light-weight fabrics such as lace or chiffon to achieve the perfect look.

For an added touch, accessorize with delicate jewelry pieces or statement headpieces – this will ensure your bridal party stands out amongst all the other guests!

Garden Chic Wedding Dress Code


What is Garden Chic Dress Code?

The Garden Chic dress code is a modern take on classic garden party attire. It’s an elegant, yet casual style that combines the comfort of outdoor wear with dressier pieces. Think lightweight sundresses in pastel colors, flowy maxi dresses and skirts, floral prints, linen blazers and tailored trousers.

Accessories should be kept to a minimum – think simple jewelry or hats – while shoes can range from chic sandals to flat lace-up boots for more rustic gardens. The overall look should be relaxed but polished; something you’d feel comfortable wearing at any upscale garden gathering!

What Kind of Dress Do You Wear to a Garden Wedding?

For a garden wedding, you should opt for something light and breezy. A maxi dress with a flowing skirt is the perfect choice as it will look elegant yet still be comfortable to wear in warm weather. If you don’t want to go for an all-out maxi dress, then consider wearing a midi dress or even just a knee-length one – either way, make sure that it has lightweight fabric such as chiffon or silk so that you can stay cool while looking fashionable.

Accessorize your outfit with some delicate jewelry and strappy sandals – this will ensure that you look like the epitome of sophistication at this outdoor event!

What Does Garden Party Attire for a Wedding Mean?

Garden party attire for a wedding is typically more relaxed and informal than traditional wedding attire. It usually includes light, airy fabrics such as linen or cotton in bright colors like white, pastels or floral prints. Guests might wear summer dresses with sandals or lightweight suits paired with loafers and colorful ties.

For men, khakis and polo shirts are also appropriate options. Accessories should be kept to a minimum so as not to overpower the natural beauty of the garden setting. Hats can be worn but they should still coordinate with the overall look of the event – no large straw hats here!

What Do Men Wear to a Garden Wedding?

For a garden wedding, men should opt for something that is dressy yet comfortable. A linen or seersucker suit in a light color such as beige, ivory, or cream would be ideal. Complement the look with an appropriate shirt and tie – avoid any overly loud colors and prints.

To complete the look add polished leather shoes and a pocket square to give off an effortless but put together vibe. Depending on how formal the wedding is you could also consider adding suspenders or cufflinks for added flair.

What To Wear To A Garden Party

Garden Formal Dress Code

Garden parties are a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature while catching up with friends and family. To ensure that everyone is dressed appropriately, the dress code for these special events should be formal or semi-formal. For men, this usually means suits or blazers with trousers, a collared shirt and leather shoes; while women can opt for cocktail dresses or long gowns.

Keep in mind that you should always wear something comfortable as garden parties often involve some walking around.

Garden Formal Wedding Attire

For a garden formal wedding, the dress code would typically call for more elevated attire than a casual outdoor ceremony. Guests should aim to look their best in cocktail dresses or evening gowns with heels and other accessories like jewelry, purses and wraps. Men should wear suits or tuxedos that are appropriate for an evening event, such as dark colors like black, navy and charcoal grey.

Depending on the formality of the occasion, ties may be required or optional; however if present it is recommended to choose a sophisticated color like burgundy or hunter green.

Garden Wedding Dress Code Wording

When deciding on the dress code for your garden wedding, it’s important to include wording that is both clear and concise. Generally speaking, a good guideline to follow is “smart casual attire,” but you may opt for something more specific like “semi-formal” or “country chic.” Make sure to provide some examples of appropriate clothing styles such as slacks and collared shirts for men, sundresses and cocktail dresses for women.

Additionally, if there are any items that should be avoided (such as open toe shoes or jeans), make sure to note those in the dress code too!

What to Wear to a Garden Wedding 2022

In 2022, garden weddings are sure to be all the rage. To dress for this special occasion, opt for a breezy summer dress or jumpsuit in light colors such as blush pink or pale yellow. For men, linen suits and tailored trousers will look great paired with a crisp white shirt and patterned tie.

Choose lightweight fabrics that won’t weigh you down on a hot day and stick with muted tones like navy blue or grey to stay true to the garden wedding aesthetic. Accessorize with flower-inspired jewelry and do not forget your hat – it is essential for any outdoor soiree!


This blog post has provided some great ideas for creating a garden chic wedding dress code. From choosing the right fabrics and silhouettes to finding beautiful accessories, there are many ways to make sure that your guests look their best while adding an elegant touch of nature-inspired charm. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a truly unique dress code that will have everybody looking and feeling their best on your special day!