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Casual Garden Wedding Attire for Male Guests

Casual garden wedding attire for male guests typically consists of light-colored and/or lightweight clothing. A polo shirt, khaki shorts or pants, a blazer or sports coat are all acceptable options. If it is an outdoor event in the summertime, linen trousers and a white dress shirt may be appropriate as well.

In cooler weather months, consider wearing dark wash jeans with a collared dress shirt layered over a t-shirt. Shoes should be casual but still nice such as loafers or boat shoes. Accessories can include belts, hats (fedoras look great at outdoor weddings) and sunglasses if needed.

Be sure to check the invitation for specific guidance on what kind of attire is expected by the couple hosting the event!

For male guests attending a casual garden wedding, attire should be on the dressier side of casual. A button-down shirt with light trousers and loafers or dress shoes are ideal for this type of event. For an extra touch, add a tie or pocket square to your outfit.

If it’s warm outside, try wearing linen trousers and a short sleeved shirt to stay cool while still looking sharp.

Casual Garden Wedding Attire for Male Guests


What Should a Man Wear to a Casual Outdoor Wedding?

For a casual outdoor wedding, men should opt for something comfortable yet stylish. A great choice is to wear linen trousers or shorts with a polo shirt and canvas shoes. For cooler days, you can layer up with a lightweight cotton sweater or cardigan over the top of your polo shirt.

Add in accessories such as a fedora hat to complete the look and make it more personalised. If you are attending an evening event, consider swapping out your shorts for tailored chinos or dark jeans with loafers.

What Do Guys Wear to a Garden Wedding?

When attending a garden wedding, men should opt for classic and timeless pieces that won’t take away from the beauty of their natural surroundings. A lightweight linen suit or blazer is ideal for warm weather weddings and can be easily dressed up with a tie or bowtie. Men may also choose to wear khaki trousers paired with a dress shirt in light colors like pastels and whites if they want something less formal but still appropriate.

For footwear, loafers or boat shoes are great options as they will provide comfort without sacrificing style. Finally, top off the look with an accessory such as pocket squares or cufflinks to add a finishing touch to your outfit!

What Should a Man Wear to an Outdoor Summer Wedding As a Guest?

A man attending an outdoor summer wedding should be mindful of the dress code specified by the couple. Generally, something more formal than casual is expected; however, depending on the time of day and location of the ceremony, a suit or especially dark blazer may not always be necessary. A light-colored polo shirt paired with khaki trousers or chino shorts will work well for daytime events held in informal venues like parks or beaches.

For evening weddings that are still outside during warmer months, opt for lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton in colors such as navy blue or grey to keep cool while looking sharp and appropriate for a special occasion.

What Do People Wear to a Garden Wedding?

For a garden wedding, most guests opt for light and airy attire to complement the natural setting. Women should consider wearing summer dresses or skirts with floral patterns or pastels that coordinate with the outdoor surroundings. Men can wear khakis and collared shirts along with dress shoes, loafers, or even sandals for a more casual look.

Hats are also popular accessories at garden weddings; women may choose wide-brimmed hats while men often go for fedoras. For an evening ceremony in cooler weather, jackets or sweaters would be suitable options as well.

What To Wear To A Garden Party

Garden Casual Dress Code

Garden casual dress code is a type of attire that is appropriate for outdoor events and parties. It typically involves clothing items such as sundresses, shorts, capris, khakis, linen pants, polo shirts and collared tops. The goal of garden casual dress code is to create an atmosphere that is relaxed yet fashionable at the same time.

Accessories like sandals or espadrilles are also acceptable pieces to complete the look.

Garden Attire Dress Code

When it comes to garden attire, there is no hard and fast dress code. However, wearing clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for the activity can ensure maximum enjoyment of your time spent in nature. Lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen are best for warm weather days, while a waterproof layer may be necessary when it rains or if you plan on getting wet from sprinklers.

Closed-toed shoes provide protection from thorns and other hazards found in gardens. Hats can also help protect against sunburns and keep bugs away from your face. Ultimately, dressing comfortably but appropriately will ensure the most enjoyable experience possible with your outdoor activities!


In conclusion, it is important to remember that when attending a casual garden wedding as a male guest, you should dress appropriately for the occasion. Opting for light colors and materials such as linen or cotton are great choices for this type of event. You should also consider accessorizing your look with a hat or pocket square to complete the ensemble.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can be sure to make an impression at any casual garden wedding!